A web application security test focuses on the web applications being tested and is not a comprehensive test of the network infrastructure and services that an external penetration test or an internal penetration test would provide.
Redlings evaluates your company's web application from different perspectives:
  • What can an unauthenticated attacker access and manipulate?
  • What can an attacker with normal user rights access and manipulate?
  • What can be done if an attacker is given administrative rights to your web application?
Redlings uses the same steps to assess web applications as an attacker would. These include, for example:
  • Establishing the business purpose of the web application
  • Why does it exist?
  • How does it make your business practices easier or more efficient?
  • Identify all pages associated with your web application and assign links/relationships between the pages
  • Identify the input fields (e.g., form fields, URL parameters, file content/upload) in the target web application and test that the application is properly handling malicious input attacks with uploads, injections, or cross-site scripting
Redlings reviews the business logic associated with the web application and identifies attacks that circumvent critical steps.
All tests cover the OWASP Top-10 for web applications and the OWASP API Security Top-10 to ensure broad coverage of your web application. Redlings uses both internally developed and commercially obtained software to perform web application security assessments.
Such web application security test is aimed at customers who want to test the security of a web application before employees or customers use it. A security assessment of currently used web applications can also be carried out to identify vulnerabilities or incorrect configurations.
Web application security testing is also available as a continuous penetration testing model.

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