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Security should be a central building block of any software development effort

Accelerating SDLC with DevSecOps

DevSecOps automatically embeds security into every phase of the software development lifecycle, enabling development of secure software at the speed of Agile and DevOps. With DevSecOps, security is a central part of the entire software development lifecycle.
DevSecOps attempts to solve the security problem earlier rather than at the end. It removes the bottleneck that is final security testing. Instead, security is integrated into Agile and DevOps processes and tools, and security issues are addressed immediately as they arise. And at whatever stage of the lifecycle: the sooner the better.
Then safety problems are easier, faster and cheaper to fix than if they are fixed much later, perhaps even just before production, are subsequently rectified.
Redlings can help you define a secure SDLC process for application development.

Support during the design phase

Threat Modeling
One of the most important steps in developing secure software is ensuring that attacks are reliably prevented. This requires careful analysis and identification of potential vulnerabilities. This is where threat modeling comes into play.
Although it is not a straightforward process, it is concrete and results-oriented. From identification and categorization to finding mitigation opportunities and analysis, the approach is of Threat Modeling is an excellent approach to dealing with potential attackers.
By its nature, the best results are achieved toward the end of the design phase, or beginning of the development phase.

Support during the development phase

Secure software development training (Partner Platform Secure Code Warrior) & security coaching
Training of software developers can avoid recurring vulnerabilities and create a permanently increased awareness of security-related concerns.
Code review of released source code
A code review can verify the security of your application's source code and identify security vulnerabilities, that may have been overlooked during the initial development phase and could leave your application vulnerable to attack.

Support during the testing phase

Performance of penetration tests
A penetration test of the web application and the cloud infrastructure (VMs/containers/Kubernetes) that may be used. is a good idea at regular intervals or important releases.

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